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Ben's Kite String - keeping him grounded while watching him soar!

What I wish someone had told me…

21 years ago our family started down a path that we would have never chosen but one that has stretched us, helped us grow and made us the people we are today. In the early days after Ben’s diagnosis of Autism (PDD-NOS Pervasive Developmental Disorder) we searched for information wherever we could find it. Those were the days of dial up internet and nursing school textbooks that still blamed mothers for autism diagnosis.

Looking back I wish someone had told me:

- It’s not your fault.

- There will be hard days but they won’t all be hard.

- Make the best decision with the information you have and when you need to make a new decision make it.

- Those with the money and power to make decisions don’t always tell you all the options

- You will survive and will be stronger for it.

- Ben would exceed all our expectations.

My hope is that the stories I share in the blog will give you hope, information and maybe even make you smile.

Why a kite string? One day after telling Ben "no" to one of his thousands of daily ideas, he said to me "Mom, you are a chain around me!" to which I promptly responded "Ben, I am your kite string. I want you to soar and I will always keep you grounded and safe".

Love you more,


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