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Swinging From The Chandelier, is now in audio book format! We know some people prefer to listen to their books. Listen to Sandy as she reads the book to you.

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Sandy Hartranft

Mother, Educator, Wife, Author and Believer.  

Swinging From The Chandelier

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Swinging From The Chandelier

I have been working on this book for over 10 years. When I first started, it was a way for me to document events, feelings, successes, and missteps while raising our son, Ben, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age two. Over time, I realized that the stories of other parents helped me on my own journey, so I hoped my book might do the same for someone else.


One thing I have impressed upon parents I meet is that I would have been lost without the advice of those further down the parenting trail, and that simply having goals always helped me take the next step. At the same time, it’s important to remember that not every strategy will work because what helps one child may hinder another. Life is hard, and people often face their own, unique challenges. Difficulties that affected Ben and our family may not affect your family at all. Understanding this, while acknowledging that many are struggling and doing the best they can to keep moving forward, can be helpful. 


We have a tendency to present our best selves to the world and hide the rest, but this book goes deeper, getting all the good, bad, and ugly parts of our story onto the page. I hope this transparency allows you to take something useful from the story. I believe God always brought the right person into our lives at exactly the right time, and I’m so thankful for that. May you be that kind of person to someone else. Help those you can. Even small things can make a big difference.

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Sandy Hartranft

Sandy AKA Ben's mom is the wife of one and mother of three wonderful men. In her debut book she shares the highs and lows of raising a special needs child. Sandy is also and RN and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at the very hospital that diagnosed Ben so many years ago. 



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