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The moment I laid eyes upon my son Ben, suspended from the chandelier, I knew that being his mother would be an adventure unlike any other. Little did I know then, that the tale of our journey would one day be fit for a book.


This book began as a way for me to process my emotions as I raised three boys, one of which was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of two. It is an account of our experiences; the fear and guilt that gripped me when we first received the diagnosis, and the battles we fought to ensure Ben received the education and support he so desperately needed.


Our journey is not yet over, but I am proud to say that the once-nonverbal, illiterate boy I once knew is now a confident public speaker. This is the story of how, against all odds, Ben learned to read, write, drive and eventually secured employment. It is the story of how he was even voted homecoming king by his high school of 3000. It is the tale of how my son continues to surpass every expectation that was ever set for him.

Swinging From The Chandelier: Finding Joy In The Journey Through Autism

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