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Zoom In On Observation

Shhhhhh... You have secrete instructions. My participants who got to stay seated, I have instructions for you that had to be typed out so that they would not change the behaviors of the participants down here with me. 



Pay attention to those participating down with me, I need your help to spot areas of frustration, quitting, disinterest, as well as any thing else you might pick up. Who is the most involved? Who is the least involved? Feel free to take notes. That's what I always do.



What would make this activity easier, what would make it harder? Why are people not being included? Where is the group working well?

Did you enjoy watching or would you have rather been participating?


No Talking 

Just like those down here with me silence is necessary. We can't give hints or communicate verbally. Often those who have ASD wish for the ability to express their thoughts but can not.

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