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6 Months of Blogging

(Thank you to Keystone Outdoor Advertising for our latest billboard on Route 309)

I cant believe that the Kite String Mom blog has been posting weekly for over 6 months now! We hope that you have found encouragement, direction, support and maybe even a laugh or two along the way!

Are there any that you missed reading? You can find them all at

I have heard such positive feedback about the blogs and equally from those with neurodiverse as well and neurotypical family members. There are some universal truths for all families and it seems the message resonates with everyone.

I have also been so encouraged by those that have purchased

“Swinging From the Chandelier: Finding Joy in the Journey Through Autism”.

I have been told by many people how much they enjoyed the book and that they passed it on to another person they thought would benefit from reading it. Some told me they cried and laughed throughout the book and they found it enlightening to see how much Ben went through and were encouraged by his perseverance.

My hope is that the Blog will continue Ben's story for the reader as life is moving at the speed of light!

Ben is the best PR guy around and is telling everyone he meets:

"My mom's book would make a great stocking stuffer!"

There is still time to get your copy before the holidays!

If you have finished reading “Swinging From the Chandelier: Finding Joy in the Journey Through Autism” we would love it if you could leave a review on

I have so enjoyed reconnecting with friends throughout the different phases of my life! Thank you to all who travel this journey with us! We love having you along for the ride!

Here are just a few of the fabulous faces of our friends!!

We know this is not all of our wonderful supporters and we would love it if you would send your pictures of you and the book to us at If you want to have a picture taken with Ben just let us know. He is always up for a road trip!!

Love you more,


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