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Mr. Ben goes to Washington Part 2

Ben loves to travel and planned a weekend trip to DC before visiting his brother in Baltimore. The trip had a bit of a rocky start when Ben arrived at the Amtrak station only to find his phone was "frozen". Knowing that all of his reservations, maps and trip details where stored on the device, he started to panic. Fortunately, he was able to text through his apple watch and Dan, our tech guru, was able to help him reset his phone.

Dan shared that he knew what the problem was because a random woman stopped him in the Post Office a few weeks back and said

"My phone is not working, can you help me?"

So, Dan took a look, googled the problem on his phone and was able to help her reset the device. (you press the down volume button followed by pressing the up volume button and then hold the other side button continuously until the Apple symbol appears!) Who knew that a random encounter at the post office would help Dan solve Ben's problem in a matter of minutes.

Ben enjoyed his first day visiting many of the museums and monuments. He loves the connections to his favorite movie 1776, all of the locations that were used in National Treasure and then enjoyed an afternoon at the Museum of the Bible.

His second day started with a text and call to mom because he forgot that you can't bring any bags into the White House and he left the hotel with his drawstring bag. We are working really hard at having him solve his own problems and as Dan likes to remind him

"When mom and dad are gone, what will you do?"

Ben finally texted me

"I figured it out, but in the future, I really should use my brain"

He found that he could rent a locker to store his bag and the problem was solved. He enjoyed a guided tour of both the White House and the US Capitol building and the archives where he found the Declaration of Independence!

Ben took the train back to Baltimore, where his brother Glenn lives and they were able to go to the Washington Eagles game together with a few friends. Ben loves to go to away games and watch the whole game which he does not get to do when he works the home games. Thankfully, the Eagles came away with a win, which always makes going to the game more enjoyable!

Ben & Ben!

Overall a wonderful time with family and friends!

Love you more...


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