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Five Years Since Ellen

It is hard to imagine that 5 years have passed since Ben's dream came true and he was a guest on the Ellen show.  I'll never forget when he told me he wanted to be on the show. I was floored, doubting it would ever happen!

"I don't know Ben, I don't know if it's going to happen!"

But Ben, never doubting he could speak his dream into reality, went to work. Through his hard work raising awareness and funds for the Eagles Autism Challenge and the support of many friends and family the producers reached out to Ben. To say that he was excited is an understatement!

The episode aired and Ben was amazing, holding his own in banter against a seasoned host.  He brought such awareness to autism, received thousands of positive comments and we believe many families were encouraged along their journey.  

After his appearance, schools started reaching out asking Ben to come and tell his story and that was the beginning of our fledgling company Benergy1 Presentations.  Benergy is a name that was bestowed on Ben by Mr. Manaro, English teacher extraordinaire, at North Penn High School.  The term really captures the essence of Ben and his positive influence on all that he meets.  People often ask:

"Ben is always that energetic?"

to which I reply

"He is like this or he is asleep!  There is no in between!"  

Ben has had the honor to present at over 180 locations over the past 2 years, to groups ranging in size from 10 to 1500.  Fear of public speaking is at the top of the list for common fears but doesn't exist for Ben.  He is just energized by the group and loves sharing his passion for awareness, inclusion and kindness. 

We have heard stories about students who did not want to disclose their autism now freely sharing because of Ben. We have been told of students who were struggling academically and wanting to give up but after hearing Ben decided, if he could do it, so could they.  It has been so enjoyable to watch a group of adults completely change their demeanor and become fully engaged in Ben's story to the point of giving a standing ovation when it is complete.  Ben's gift is treating everyone he meets like a rock star and changing the way they view the world. 

If you have a business, school or event that would benefit from hearing Ben's story - reach out through for more information and in Ben's words

"Go Be The One" to make a difference in someone else's life!

Love you more...


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