Anxiety Worry about what might happen

The difference between fear and anxiety is that fear is felt in light of a true threat, but anxiety is worry about what might happen. We all experience some level of anxiety in this fast paced world but for some people, the anxiety levels are over the top.

Ben is one of those people who struggles with excessive anxiety. It shows up in the darndest ways and times. For example, he can present to a group of 500 people and not feel one ounce of anxiety, but rather is pumped up and in his element. Then there are the days that he perseverates (gets stuck on) the simplest thought and he can't let it go until he is able to unload it on someone, usually mom.

One study found that up to 40% of those with autism have clinically elevated levels of anxiety which can lead to depression, aggression and self-injury. It is important to identify and treat anxiety as it can have a great impact on the person's ability to cope in their day to day lives.