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Hoteling VS Camping

When you marry, there are many pieces of your single life that you bring with you to the marriage and impact the decisions you make and how you shape your life together. One big area is how you vacationed as a child. Glenn grew up camping and has wonderful memories of the family times spent together in their pop-up camper and the places they visited.

Our family spent vacations in hotels. One cross country trip we took had a general direction of where we were going and places to visit and my dad had the Holiday Inn guide book every step of the way.

As we would get close to a town he would whip out the book and find the nearest Holiday Inn and that is where we would land. These were also the years before seatbelts were mandated and my brother, sister and I lay in the back of our station wagon all the way to California and back.

One year, my parents decided that it might be fun to try camping and they bought a pop-up trailer and a hitch for our station wagon. The first campsite found us in shock in the morning when we awoke to find that we had parked on the side of a steep cliff that we didn't notice in the dark when we pulled in and set up. Thankfully, no harm was done.

As it turned out the Kanas' were not campers. Mostly my mom, who felt that it was not a vacation at all. She still had to prep and prepare all the meals, wash all the dishes, take care of all the things she would have at home and all without a nice airconditioned room or private bathroom.

The trailer was up for sale less than a year later.

Glenn and I went tent camping for our 6 month wedding anniversary. We were playing battleship the old fashion way on graph paper and we heard from a tent nearby:

"Mom, what are they doing in there?"

to which the mom replied

"They are playing battleship."

Needless to say, that is all we played that night!

We have taken some amazing vacations with our boys and have thousands of memories and pictures to match. Most of them, to Glenn's chagrin, are from hotels!

It doesn't matter how you spend your time together, the most important thing is to spend time together and make those memories!

Love you more...


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