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I don't want to go to school!

Ben started going to a school program at 2 1/2 where I was able to stay with him and soak in all of the skills and knowledge of the teachers and therapists. When he turned 3 he was eligible to ride the bus. I'm sure if he was my first born I would not have been able to put him on that bus, but knowing what an amazing program he was a part of, and that he would have an aide on the bus as well, we sent him along.

He really did love going to school for the most part and it seemed completely natural as he watched his older brothers, Glenn and Dan, go every day. There was a time that he taught himself how to vomit to avoid going to school but that is a longer story for another day (and written in full detail in the book Swinging from the Chandelier: Finding Joy in the Journey Through Autism available exclusively at

One day, when Ben was in elementary school, and more verbal, he started complaining that he didn't want to go to school and asked all kinds of questions about why he had to go. I gave him every supportive answer I could think of regarding the importance of education and when none of those answers worked for him I finally said

"Ben, it is illegal for you not to go to school! It is the law!"

At that very moment, he looked out the window and for some unknown reason a police car was right behind his school bus making a routine drive through the neighborhood. Ben's eyes became as big a saucers, he grabbed his backpack and hustled straight onto his bus. He never complained about going to school again (although if you know Ben he wished for snow days with any threat of stormy weather!)

I know for sure God has a sense of humor and perfect timing!

Love you more,


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