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I love you because...

Every Valentines Day we would, of course, buy special candy for the boys but we got into the habit of buying them each a heart shaped helium balloon.

On the balloon we would write 5 special reasons why we loved them. We tried to think of things that were meaningful individually to each one of the boys. We did not want to use things like "You are so handsome" or "You are the best baseball player" but rather focus on things that they had control over like "You are a kind friend to everyone" or "You work faithfully with all of your school work".

The boys loved waking up on Valentines Day to find their special balloon and what we had written especially for them.

I love this picture of Ben, fast asleep, clutching his heart balloon in his fist. It makes me so happy when we do something that is meaningful for the boys and this picture says it all for me.

Wondering about the purple bed and walls? That is a set of bunk beds my husband built for Ben. Ben was allowed to pick the color for the room and wood and selected what we lovingly refer to as "Putt-Putt Purple" one of Ben's favorite computer games as a child.

Ben eventually grew to 6' 3" and the twin bunk bed was no longer working for him but his room was the smallest in the house and had limited options for furniture. His brother Dan gave him an amazing Christmas gift that year which was swapping bedrooms. Dan was away at college for most of the year and then planned on spending 6 months in Japan and knew that Ben needed more space. This was so sacrificial on his part because he eventually did move back home and ended up in a very tiny bedroom crawling in and out of the top bunk for several years.

Eventually, our oldest moved to out of state and the moving van was barely down the street when Dan made Glenn's old bedroom his own sanctuary. I love seeing how the boys love and care for each other as well as how they make their space their own. What fills Ben's room now? He has a Christmas tree that he leaves up all year round and Dan turned his wall into a theater sized screen!

I love that all 3 of my boys (men really) have their own passions and interests and can express themselves in how they live.

Love you more,


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