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It's a Philly Thing - Go Birds!!

When I was growing up in Northeast Philly, I knew about all of the Philly sports teams but truth be told, I preferred curling up with a good book than watching a football game.

My Dad rooted for all of our teams like the Philadelphia man he was and one year gave me a birthday gift that was really for himself. You see, the Flyers were heading to the Stanley Cup finals but he had committed to serve with my mom at a camping weekend with the Pioneer Girls club from church. I was surprised on my birthday to find a small portable T.V. that powered itself from the cigarette lighter in the car. I was a bit confused as to why he thought I would want this and then quickly realized that he wanted to be able to watch the Flyer's game while we were away that weekend! A true Poppa Frank moment!!

Fast forward to high school and I was a part of the baton twirling majorettes at Lincoln High School so went to all of the football games and started to become more familiar with the sport and the rules.

After graduating from Nursing School I worked at Jeanes Hospital and then took a position in the Staff Development department. Patient education was my specific responsibility and where my love for working with patients with diabetes started.

One November, I had to design a billboard for National Diabetes month and felt football would be just the right combination. I could not understand why my coworker Joan (Who's husband happen to be a football coach) was laughing at my poster to the point of tears. It turns out that a football field has the 50 yard line in the center and not the 100 yard line as I had drawn it! I knew there was something about 100 yards but didn't realize that was from goal post to goal post. Needless to say, I redid the poster before displaying it! Thanks Joan!!

Fast forward to 2023 and the blessing of a football fan husband and 3 sons (2 of which root as hard and loud as my husband) and I know way more about football than I ever thought possible.

I really do love to watch the Philadelphia Eagles and love the "It's a Philly Thing" motto having lived in the city from 6 months old until I was married!

Here's hoping and praying for a big EAGLES win on Sunday at Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix!

Love you more...


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