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King of the selfie

If you know Ben at all, he is king of the selfies! It is probably the length of his arms at the height of 6'3"! This is my all time favorite. I took a picture of him taking a selfie with his best buddies (Joel Manby and Anthony Esparza) who previously worked at Hershend Family Entertainment. They operate Silver Dollar City and Dollywood and my coaster fanatic son adores these parks and these men.

This picture is one of Ben's favorite Eagles players Brandon Graham. He was able to take this selfie at the ring ceremony for the Super Bowl Champions in 2018. Ben was invited to carry the Lombardi trophy to start the ceremony and when they called to invite him, his pulse went from 77 to 144 on his fitbit! Do you think he was a bit excited and honored?

Ben and his brother Dan had the amazing opportunity to travel together this summer and enjoyed their downtime in the sun and sand away from all the responsibilities of work and home.

Ben participated in his 6th Eagles Autism Challenge this summer. The new Eagles rookies always pass out water along the 5K route and they asked if they could douse Ben with water, all in good fun, when he stopped. Ben didn't mind at all since he was already soaked from the misting rain during the event. What a great group of guys!

Here is Ben hard at work as Game Day Staff during an Eagles home game with his best buddy Tom. Tom is an amazing man who keeps an eye out on Ben and even helps with rides to and from the stadium. This mamma really appreciates those rides, especially on late night games.

Can't forget the recent dream come true to meet a seated president. Ben has had that perseverating thought for many years and now he can check it off the list! (I love the secret service looks in the background!)

And in honor of our Phillies, a picture from last year at the stadium. What a game it was last night to clinch the NLDS series against Atlanta. They kept us on the edge of our seats (and sanity!) the whole game. As Ben always says

"They are going all the way this year!"

May it be the year that it comes true! GO PHILLIES!

Ben has been a fan for a long time!!

Love you more...


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Oct 13, 2023

Another Winner!!!!


Aunt Jean

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