Making Music

Music is a passion of mine and I love to sing. I have been a part of school and church choirs and groups for as long as I can remember. Ben loves music and singing as well and from a very early age, it was easier for him to memorize things that were set to music than any other form. The hard thing was, if he learned something wrong, it was very difficult to correct it to the right words. One thing he did not like was if I was singing along! It was very hard to hear him say over and over again "No singing mommy!" It kind of hurt my feelings!


Ben started singing in the school choir in 4th grade and as he was always tall for his age ended up on the back row every time. During one particular concert, I would see him singing with full gusto and then he would disappear down behind the back row. This happened quite a few times so I asked him about it after the concert to which he replied "My ankles were itchy!"

I remember a similar incident where my niece was performing in a choir and then stopped singing altogether. When her mom asked wh