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My boys make me laugh

My boys (men) are always making me laugh. Just when you think they are asking for a legitimate hug you find out they are really searching your purse for the tootsie rolls you brought to the performance. Notice Dan's hand in my purse!

This special memory was at my niece's wedding. Glenn jr. loves to dance and even participated in swing dance lessons in college. I love music but have always been a bit shy about getting on the dance floor. They always say "no one is watching" but they really are! Glenn grabbed my hands and we danced together that night and it was a beautiful thing and a precious memory.

Ben is the best public relations guy around and top book sales person of the year. He came home from a visit to Byer's Choice with this photo telling me that Santa was giving out copies of our book this year for Christmas!

Right before COVID, we had our back deck replaced with a cement patio. It was one of the best things we ever did for our home and we have used that patio so much more that we ever used the deck. During COVID we enjoyed many a night eating Al fresco. Glenn jr. has always found pleasure in making strange faces in my precious memories.

My boys all love anime, Pokémon and Glenn jr. is even a dungeon master for D & D. I love that they enjoy their passions and the wonderful friends they have met along the way. They can socialize with friends in other cities and even countries through the magic of the internet.

So we know this van we saw at Six Flags really says Church Van but don't you agree it looks more like Church Dan!!!

This picture will forever make me smile. This is my dad Frank and Glenn's dad Glenn testing out the new playset that they built together with my Glenn. Pure joy! We miss you both so much and are thankful for every memory.

Love you more...


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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2023

You bring such joy to my heart with your posts! Thank you for sharing life with us!

Pixi Gable

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