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My Parents lived in a Dungeon...

At least that's how my dad always described it "tongue in cheek". Looking back, there is a whole world of sacrifices my parents made without making any of their children realize what they gave up.

It all started one day when I came in from school and my dad said to me "How do you feel about moving?" to which I replied

"Where to?" and he said

"Well you are the first one who didn't say "no" right away"

We had lived in the same house since I was 6 months old and now my parents were looking to find a bigger home so that my maternal grandparents could move in with us.

Mom my was making weekly 2 hour round trips to their home in New Jersey to help them with their shopping and medical needs and it was going to be easier to have them with us to take the load off of mom.

My only concern was I did not want to change schools and fortunately they found a home that had a great 1st floor that could be turned into an in-law suite and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor. My parents next sacrifce was giving my sister and I the master bedroom to share since it was bigger than the other bedrooms. Dad even built a wall down the middle of the room so we would have more privacy.

Eventually my parents wanted more privacy (and probably were tired of hearing their girls bicker about the room they had to share) so they built a full size bedroom and bath in the basement, hence "the dungeon"..

Looking back, I'm sure I did not express my gratitude for all of the accommodations they made on my behalf and as they sacrificially cared for their aging parents to keep them safe and well.

So, mom and dad (in heaven) , hope you know how much I appreciate all of your love and sacrifice over the years. Amazing memories, family vacations, time spent with family and realizing all you did to make it wonderful.

Love you more,


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