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"Santa is bringing me a Slimecano"

In 2004 Ben was really opening up his speech and the world was one adventure after another. He was starting to understand and enjoy the wonderful idea of Santa and looking forward to Christmas. As the days drew closer and closer, his excitement continued to build and 2 weeks before the big day he exclaimed

"Santa is going to bring me a Slimecano!"

Say what?? That was news to Santa.

Every year Hot Wheels came out with a new car set and this years model had the vehicles racing around a mountain track that caused an included volcano to erupt with slime as they wizzed by.

"Santa" felt very strongly that children don't have to get everything they ask for but this seemed particularly important to solidify the things that Ben was starting to piece together in the confusing world of autism.

So "Santa" made a last minute run to the workshop to be sure that the gift was there on Christmas morning and it was worth every ounce of stress to see the joy on Ben's face. "Santa" was also really smart and left the assembled Slimecano in another room and wrapped the box so Ben's joy transferred right to the ability to play with the wonderful toy and not have to endure the hours of assembly that go along with these magnificent structures.

Ben continues to love the idea of getting gifts but he is also amazing at finding gifts for others. He knows just what people love and enjoys and knows the thrill of finding just the right gift for just the right person. If there is any fault in his giving it is more a lack of understanding of the value of an item. For instance, one year he wanted to buy his brother a $20 tee shirt and a distant friend an $80 sweatshirt. He knew which sports teams they loved and that was what he was focusing on and not the inequity in the cost.

We also love to tease Ben and tell him that all he is getting for Christmas is socks and underwear. I think this face says it all about how he feels regarding those items.

I hope that the next 2 weeks allow you time to enjoy the wonder and magic of Christmas and time to reflect on the joy that the first Christmas brought to all as God came to earth so that we could someday be with God.

Merry Christmas,

Love you more,


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