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So Excited - Second Printing "Swinging From the Chandelier"

When we started on the journey to writing and eventually publishing "Swinging From the Chandelier: Finding Joy in the Journey Through Autism" we had no idea how it would be received. Our hope was to be able to tell our story and encourage others on theirs.

We were overwhelmed with the love and response we received and sold out of our first printing. We are so excited to announce that our second printing arrived today and is ready for shipping anywhere in the USA!

You can order exclusively from our website:

Here are some of the reviews that meant so much to us about the book:

"This book about one mom’s journey through autism was so readable I could not stop until I finished it. I know well Ben about whom the story is told and in a word this book is about HOPE. Ben is an exuberant, healthy, handsome, sociable young man I am proud to call friend and the book conveys the process that made him who he is. There is also a section written by Ben himself and Dad gives his perspective too."

"If you have a family member who has autism or if you want to get an inside view of the family struggle this book will not disappoint. Reading this will make you more aware of ways to encourage your friends ( and I suspect we ALL QUALIFY) who face this challenge day after day. Just get this book, read it and pass it on. You will not regret it."

"An honest family's struggle with their son's autism diagnosis and what they did and or went through to do the best for Ben! Their honesty, their heartbreak, their frustration, their laughter, their joy, how this affected their other children and their entire family, all rolled up into one amazing book and journey. We know it wasn't easy for them, their faith was tested over and over as well as their patience, anger, grief, unbelief, frustration - the whole gambit if emotions. Yet, in Christ, they pressed on! Thank you Sandy, Glenn and your entire family for sharing your life with Autism and Ben! ♥️"

"I know Ben and always wondered how his parents got him from non-verbal to where he is today (giving presentations). This book explains the complicated system of getting the right help for your child and what a parent goes through to get it. Along with facts about autism, there are funny stories and sad stories. If you want to see the autism journey through a parent's eyes, read this book."

"I have heard many of the stories of Ben, saw most of the videos, witnessed some of the events myself, but to read the detail of all the ways Ben has developed and the incredible persistence of Sandy and Glenn, I laughed and even shed a few tears reading about all the lives touched and changed forever, including me. Could not be prouder of Ben, my sister Sandy, my brother-in-law Glenn, and my other nephews Dan and Glenn. Loved reading every detail."

"I loved this book. This book took me on an emotional journey of grief, hope, encouragement, and inspiration. A must-read book for any parent.

Reading this book is like sitting down with Sandy, the author, as she shares her frustrations, trials, progress and triumphs in raising Ben, her son on the spectrum. You will cry, you will laugh, you will become frustrated, you will sigh, you will be inspired, and finally, you will rejoice with her as she takes you along this journey with her and her family. And the journey continues!"

"This book is for anyone who has or loves a child on the spectrum, and for anyone who knows or interacts someone on the spectrum. That includes every one of us! You won’t regret this read!"

"This is one of the most inspirational and educational books I've ever read. I learned so much about the challenges and joys of growing up with autism or parenting a child with autism. The chapters are engaging, interesting, and always end with some practical words of advice or wisdom that come from the author's own journey that others in similar situations might benefit from. This book should be in every school library across our land and made available to parents of children with autism or any other special needs."

"I received Swinging From the Chandelier as a gift. It’s the first nonfiction book I’ve flown through. The story of Ben and his amazing family is an entertaining, educational, and inspiring read for everyone—not just those with a loved one on the spectrum. If you’re ready to have your heart touched and your spirit lifted, READ THIS BOOK."

"Just finished reading this book. This book has so many adjectives to describe it, inspiring, encouraging, insightful, educational and many more. The true story of Ben Hartranft and autism. I have known Ben for several years and I am proud to call him my friend. I did not know him when he was young child and all he achieved through persistence and courage. I have learned so much about him and his family. I loved the book and wish there were more pages. Looking forward to Ben's next chapter. #SFTCbook. Can't wait for the movie!!!"

Thank you Cheryl for the amazing mug!

Love you all more!


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