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Taking Pictures is Making Memories

You expect when you try to take pictures of your toddlers that it will be a work in progress, to get the squiggly bodies to all pose properly at the exact same moment. What you don't expect is that your grown children will give you the same amount of trouble.

So how many shots does it take to get one nice picture? Apparently the answer at our house is 20!


Ouuu this one looks good but Ben is moving a bit...


Then you make the mistake of telling them to move closer to the curtains and they decide to follow to the letter of the law!


So then you say "Please, be serious!" but you don't mean like someone died serious!

Almost there...................

AHHHHH - Perfection and worth the wait!

Our children will never know the anticipation of waiting for that developed package of photo prints (doubles for only $1 more) to come in the mail and hoping beyond hope that you captured the moments you remembered and that no one had their eyes closed. We now have the privilege of taking 20 digital pictures to get that one memorable shot.

I am doubly blessed because my son Dan knows how to use photo editing software as well and takes all of my crazy ideas and makes them look magnificent! Thanks Dan!!

I love to take pictures and I have a bookcase full of photo albums. I now love to make Shutterfly books. These compact books highlight the wonderful memories, are easy to organize and share and take up so little space. The first Shutterfly book I made, I had no idea what I was doing and tried to fit the pictures I wanted into the sample pages. Now I've learned so many wonderful way to use the program and adapt the book so that it is just want I want to highlight and share.

Love you more,


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