Teaching Advocacy

Advocacy is helping people find their voice. It is a hard concept for everyone and a skill to be learned.

I remember in college, having the opportunity to take a once in a lifetime trip to Israel. The only problem was my Microbiology final from nursing school was scheduled the day after we would be flying out. I really wanted to go but did not see any reason that the school should make an exception for me. I gathered my courage and decided to see if my professor would allow me to take the exam early so that I could go on the trip. I was pretty doubtful that the request would be granted. I rehearsed in my mind, over and over, what I would say, trying to anticipate any objection the professor might raise. As I enter his office to make my request, I looked up on the wall over his desk and saw a beautiful poster that displayed "Flowers from Israel"

As soon as I told him what I was asking, he became very excited and told me all of the things that I was to be sure and visit. We had an incredible talk and he had no problem allowing me to take the exam early. If I had given into doubt and fear, I would have missed out on an incredible opportunity.