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The Price Really is Right! (Part 1)

Ben loves to travel. Did I mention how much Ben loves to travel? It probably has to do with eating out every meal as well as all of the new wonderful people that are just friends waiting to happen.

He has learned a great deal this year about traveling independently. The process to plan a trip was a new skill that his brother Dan helped him accomplish and his successful trip to California was one for the books. You can read all the details of that trip in a previous blog called Ben's Big Adventure from October 2022. One detail we were not allow to talk about until now, was his adventure to The Price is Right.

Before Ben left for California, he reached out to The Price Is Right to see if he could attend a taping of the show while he was there. This game show has been a favorite of my husband's since he was a small boy and something we record every day and watch together after dinner.

The timing all fell into place, and Ben was invited to attend the taping of the show in October of 2022 while he was in Los Angeles. This picture of Ben is him waiting to go into the studio. Being his friendly and "Benergetic" self, people thought he actually worked for the studio!

The show will air this Monday 1/16/23 at 11 am (EST) on CBS and I promise it will be worth watching!!

Stay tuned for part 2 next week when we will be free to fill you in on all of the details!

Love you more,


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