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The Son of a Gun did it!

Ben came to his brother Dan and said


"I think we should get on a billboard!".


Dan discussed with Ben that billboards were very expensive and that our fledgling business, Benergy1 Presentations, was not at the point were that would be cost effective. Ben, ever the optimist said "It's gonna happen!"

Later that month, Ben went to the grand opening of a local Chickie's & Pete's restaurant and who did he meet at the event, none other than management of Keystone Outdoor Billboards. Ben raced home to tell Dan, "I am going to be on a billboard" and gave Dan all the details. Dan then came into our room and said "The son of a gun did it, he really did it!"


Keystone Outdoor Billboards graciously offered to put a billboard up to promote

wearing blue for April 2, which is world autism day. Dan designed the amazing graphic that you see above and maybe you have seen the actual billboard in your travels near I95 or Vine street in Philadelphia. (you can see live footage of Dan designing above.)

Ben's mission is to get everyone to wear blue on April 2. Last year, he was able to get Governor Wolf to participate.

This year Dan and Ben interviewed Ray Blanchette, CEO of TGIFriday's on their podcast Razed Typical. After the show, TGIFriday's sent a message to all of their US restaurants encouraging the team members to wear blue and post their support for world autism day. You can watch the wonderful interview by clicking the picture below:

I know that there are mixed feelings about the colors or symbols that represent autism but my feeling is anything that increases awareness is a good thing.

Whether you light it up blue or red

whether your language is identity-first or person-first

whether you connect with the puzzle piece or infinity loop symbols

and whether or not you're in favor of ABA

let's remember that we're in the same boat.

Be respectful. Be kind. There isn't a reason not to be

the Autism Cafe

Love you more, Mom

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