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Traveling with Ben

Ben loves to travel. Did I mention how much Ben loves to travel? It probably has to do with eating out every meal as well as all of the new wonderful people that are just friends waiting to happen.

He has learned a great deal this year about traveling independently. The process to plan a trip was a new skill that his brother Dan helped him accomplish and his successful trip to California was one for the books. Dan helped him establish (and stick to) a budget understanding if he took Ubers he would have $2 left per meal but if he took the buses he would have $25 per meal. You can read all the details of that trip in a previous blog called "Ben's Big Adventure" from October 2022.

Before Ben left for California, he reached out to The Price Is Right to see if he could attend a taping of the show while he was there. This game show has been a favorite of my husband's since he was a small boy and something we still watch occasionally on his lunch breaks when he works from home. The exciting details of his big win are in the January 2023 blog.

After years of being mom, planner and following up on every detail, it is hard for me to let go. I try to allow the natural consequences of life to teach the lessons but that's hard for me. For example, he left his favorite Eagle's bathing suit in the hotel because it was drying in the bathroom and mom was not there to do that final sweep of the hotel room.

Or even more recently, letting him pack without going over every item and then finding out the morning of his presentation that his dress shirt had food stains that did not come out in the wash. I am so proud of him that he does his own wash and packing, but these small details add extra stress when he is away from home. (Fortunately, he did pack his company polo so looked wonderful at his presentation.)

Ben was invited to New York City to a movie premier and was fearless about taking the train from Hamilton Station. Every experience in his life has led up to these wonderful independent adventures.

So proud of your adventurous and independent spirit! Go Be The One Ben!

Love you more,


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