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World's Tallest Ring Bearer

My mom surprised us all when she found love again at the age of 83! She started talking about her "special friend" and when she asked to bring Lenny to Thanksgiving dinner we knew something was up. Both mom and Lenny lost their lifelong spouses to Parkinson's disease within the same year and they met while lovingly caring for their 50+ year married partners in personal care.

Many times at a wedding you will see strollers lined up outside of the sanctuary. At mom's second wedding the hallway was lined with walkers! Elm Terrace Gardens grab onto this wonderful and uplifting story and went all out to make their wedding day something special and special it was. Ben was asked to be the ring bearer and at 6' 3" I'm pretty confident that he is the tallest in history!

Mom looked like a princess complete with tiara. There was a full size wedding cake and a live band to complete the day. They honeymooned at Niagara Falls where Lenny had never been. The only time he had ever left Pennsylvania was when he was sent to Europe during WW 2.

Lenny was one of a kind, loved to tell a good story and made the best companion for mom. We were so grateful they had each other through the hard years of the pandemic when loneliness would have been a tremendous burden. Lenny always called Ben "Amazing Ben" and was never ceased to be amazed at all that he was experiencing and accomplishing.

This hat says "Don't forget my senior discount!" and Lenny laughed and laughed when he opened it for Christmas. He wore it proudly whenever they ate out so he didn't have to ask!

We sadly lost Lenny in 2022 but not until after he and mom had celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage together. So grateful for love and companionship at any age!

Love you more...


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