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Swinging From The Chandelier: Finding Joy In The Journey Through Autism

By Sandy Hartranft 

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The autism advocate and public motivator; for schools, businesses, organizations, clubs, camps, churches, and events. Who shares about how inclusion and kindness shaped his life with autism.

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“I had the privilege to meet and introduce Ben Hartranft yesterday at the AllAbilities event at Novo Nordisk. I could only tell you not to miss the opportunity to meet  one of the most courageous, warmest, most persistent, most determined – Oh and did I mention Funniest people I have met. While Ben inspired me in so many ways he and his wonderful family reminded me how important it is to support and love people around you..."

Pia D’Urbano

Novo Nordisk Senior Vice President

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I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for a WONDERFUL assembly yesterday. The amount of positive feedback we received from both staff and students was amazing. I have had several staff members come to me with such great feedback about the assembly. Your presentation was outstanding and so inspiring. Along with that, the way you were able to spend time with the students in the cafeteria and outside was truly incredible. We are so grateful for the time you spent here, and we cannot thank you enough!

Kelsi Wolf

Groveland Elementary school


Student Support Counselor

As well as many other organizations. Click below to read other testimonies


The very essence of Benergy1 is rooted in the principles of kindness and inclusivity. I speak with the hope that when others hear me, they will be reminded to approach their interactions with individuals on the autism spectrum with compassion and respect. Through Benergy1, I advocate for treating all individuals with dignity and consideration, regardless of their beliefs or differences.

Benergy helps me care for each person I meet on a personal level, just as if they were the first person I've ever met.

Do you remember how we met? I always love hearing peoples stories. Let me know where we met and what you remember most about it. 

How did you meet Ben?

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