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Thankful & Grateful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2022 we are thankful and grateful for family. We were missing Mom Hartranft who we lost in May this year but a beautiful friend sent purple flowers in a purple vase (her favorite color) as a center piece to have her memory present at the table.

We miss you Betty Lou!!

I am always thankful and grateful to have my 3 sons in the same place and even more grateful when the agree to smile for all of my annoying picture requests. It always feels so odd to take a "family picture" when one of them is missing. I cherish my photos and the memories that are linked to each picture.

The funniest photo was taken by Aunt Susan and sent to us later that night. She actually captured a picture where all of our eyes were closed at the exact same minute!! No filter involved. Such a fun shot!

To all of our family and friends, know that we are thankful and grateful for you. To all of those that poured into our lives and the lives of our boys we will forever be indebted. You have made us better and the journey would have been much harder without you.

But mostly, we are thankful that God chose us to be right here right now and that we can have a personal connection to Him through His son Jesus. As Thanksgiving draws to a close, we are ushered into the season of Advent - expectation. We pray that you can stop and enjoy the beauty of the season and breathe through the stress of what sometimes comes along with blessing of Christmas.

Thankful & grateful

Love you more,


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